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  • Rotor impact shredder
    Rotor impact shredder
    Mainly used for small household appliances broken, double door design, easy maintenance and inspection. It has a high yield ratio.
  • Thick aluminum shredder
    Thick aluminum shredder
    Closed loop hydraulic system to drive, used for thick aluminum (Casting head, Engine case), aluminum plate shredding, less production loss, the thickness of crushable aluminum up to 50mm.
  • Aluminum heavy duty shredder
    Aluminum heavy duty shredder
    Hydraulic closed drive, used for shredding aluminum profiles, cans, can bales etc., high production rate, Less energy consumption with hydraulic system VFD control, few production loss during operation.
  • Bulk shredder
    Bulk shredder
    It is mainly used for breaking large garbage, and can also break electronic waste and other industrial waste. Optional press system
  • Miniature shredder
    Miniature shredder
    Mainly used for circuit boards and other small waste shredding. This type of product can be customized. According to requirements can be used for lithium battery crushing.
  • Industrial waste shredder
    Industrial waste shredder
    Mainly used for industrial waste crushing, suitable for a variety of mixed materials crushing.
  • Household waste shredder
    Household waste shredder
    Mainly used for circuit board and other small garbage crushing. This type of product can be customized.
  • Uniaxial shredder
    Uniaxial shredder
    It is mainly used for RDF crushing of household garbage and other flexible materials. The model can be customized. Breakable lithium battery.
  • Vortex mill
    Vortex mill
    It is mainly used for crushing and grinding of positive and negative electrode pieces of lithium battery.